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Day 10

December 15, 2010

Our first night at Chuck’s house. Slept in. Missed my Dr. appointment. Rescheduled. Did some laundry. Mailed package. Took bus to Oliver’s job interview. Got a free grande soy chai latte. Listened to four guys sing gospel acapella outside of starbucks. Had a staring contest with a baby. Finally went to Pike place market. Met Liz @ the psychic & spiritual shop. Inquired about a job. Chewed some bubble gum. Left bubble gum on the GUM WALL! Stole a single carnation (flowers shouldn’t be sold, they’re gifts from Mother Earth). Took the bus to the cha cha lounge. Made Oliver very happy. Shared a vegan burrito, nachos, and some pineapple tequila drink thing.

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