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Matt- “Wishing you were mine”

February 15, 2015

This post is dedicated to my first crush. Matt in second grade.

He had wavy, chestnut brown hair. He always smiled with a half smile. He also had a heart problem and had to have open heart surgery. I remember my class making him get well cards and I remember exactly what I drew. Two bears holding hands under a rainbow with hearts around them. I wonder, when looking through the cards, if he looked at mine the longest- maybe smiled, his half smile. Maybe he hung it on the wall at the hospital. Unless he had older brothers that teased him relentlessly as mine did. I knew he liked me too.

I remember Valentine’s day in second grade very well. We went around the class room, dispersing our cards. I picked one out especially to give Matt. It was a troll doll, dressed as a wizard. The caption read, “Wishing you were mine.” I nervously slipped it on to his desk. Later that day, he smiled his half smile. We never became official; we were only second graders. I did, however, run into him in college. That was about 15 years later. I recognized him right away. I gushed about having a crush on him and he undoubtedly admitted he was guilty of liking me too. We both smiled. Him with his half smile and me with my huge grin and dimples. He said I look different, but my eyes are still the same.. I melted.

I wonder if he’s writing about me now. Maybe he’s writing about my dimples and my pretty eyes.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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